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With the massive digitalization movement in Bangladesh, Digital Marketing Services are crucial to the growth of any business. Nowadays all sorts of organizations, enterprises, and even individuals are aware of this. But the question is whether they are accomplishing their desired. At InDisPro, we ensure you a 360-degree Digital Marketing Service package, tailor-made for your organization.

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Please note that any extra spending on media buying beyond your initial budget may incur additional costs due to the current dollar rate and VAT.

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Find out why we are among the few providing 360-degree Digital Marketing services in Bangladesh

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What makes us a successful and one of the Best Digital Marketing Service providers in Bangladesh, is the people associated with us. At InDiSpro, we are backed by a team of experts in a variety of fields. Our technical expertise is not our only strength, we are passionate about what we do. This helps us to communicate with our clients effectively.
We are equipped with all the right tools to deliver the best services to our clients. Furthermore, we generate detailed analytics. Our customized reporting will help you understand the growth of your business and plan for the future.

Each one of us in our team has experience in our respective fields, serving some of the most well-known organizations in Bangladesh. We value the needs of our clients. We see ourselves as a team of digital marketing problem solvers. Together with our expertise, our experiences, and our marketing and analytical tools, we can confidently promise you the Best Digital Marketing Services in Bangladesh!

Our Digital Marketing Service Details

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not the same for every organization. The same methods of SEO for a particular industry do not apply to different countries. At the same time, SEO is not the same for the same company over the years. Hence, we constantly inspect market trends, conduct research, and consult with our clients and professionals to ensure the most efficient SEO for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Your social channels are your best options to increase the visibility of your business to your clients. We are not about increasing your ‘Facebook Likes’ only. Our skills extend throughout all social platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Our integrated Social Media Marketing Services will help your social channels to become the brand ambassadors for your organization.

Search Engine Marketing

In the present era, we are in a competitive marketplace. Simple SEO and SMM are never enough for you if you wish to be at the top amongst your competitors. To reach a wider audience group, Search Engine Marketing is imperative for you. However, in such cases well-planned Pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns are necessary. At InDiSpro we are happy to work alongside you to ace your Search Engine Marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing might go under the radar for others. But we are aware of its usefulness. Keep in touch with the maximum number of clients on a regular basis at a minimal cost. Through our data-driven email marketing, you can also analyze the number of emails being opened and read. You can also create and send customized email templates.

Content Marketing

At InDiSpro, we are aware of the importance of proper content. A captivating ad copy can convert your social media follower to a customer. Whereas dull website content can drive away your website visitors, increasing the bounce rate. Our content is proven to create positive impacts on the digital platform. Ranging from specialized blog content, Search Engine Optimized Contents, Scripts, Email Contents to Product Reviews, you can get it all from us.

Mobile Marketing

Needless to say, we spend most of our time on our mobile phones. That is why one of the best platforms to communicate with your clients is the numerous mobile apps. Our digital marketing services are not limited to Facebook ads and SEO. Nowadays WhatsApp Marketing is gaining popularity, so are in-app ads. Since we provide a 360-degree Digital Marketing Service, you can also explore these options with us.

Creative Supports

We shall let you know about a significant secret in terms of creative support in Digital Marketing. That is, you can also carry out SEO for your images. And we know how to do it effectively for you. Therefore, our creative support is comprised of both the aesthetic part and the technical part. Furthermore, our creative team is well versed in all, static images, motion graphics, video editing, and much more.

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To us, one of the main reasons why Digital Marketing is so important for your business is that it is an interactive marketing tool. Unlike traditional marketing, it is not only about placing an ad on a public platform and not knowing its impact of it. 

With the help of Digital Marketing, you can communicate with your clients more interactively. You can monitor your ads and analyze their impacts and much more! Moreover, you can select your target audience globally. 

Here is a list of the advantages of Digital Marketing for your business:

  • It helps you to work on different platforms (from desktop to Mobile Phones, from Websites to Mobile Apps)
  • You can reach a wide range of audiences from all over the world
  • You can select the ideal audience group for your specific products or services
  • You can have better interactions with your clients
  • You get the options for Data analysis for your marketing strategies
  • You can monitor and optimize your campaigns
  • All these will help you to optimize your costs and ensure a better ROI.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about making your website more visible in the Search Engine. In other words, all you need to do is to ensure that the search engine ranks your website above your competitor’s website.

When we are looking for a particular product or service and type it in our search bar (like Google Search) we will see that some sites always come first. We rarely visit the second or third page of our search results. So, there is always a competition to rank higher so that your website is at least among the top ten in a relevant search result. 

To achieve that, you have to carry out certain steps, like content planning, technical SEO configuration, link building, etc. All these will make your website more relevant and easier to find in the search engine results pages (SERPs), thus increasing your website traffic.

Search Engine Marketing is also a method of increasing the visibility of your website. But what makes it different from SEO is that SEO helps to generate organic search results while SEM is paid search engine advertising. With the help of SEM, you can bring your website to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). SEM is also referred to as Pay per click (PPC) in some cases.