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It may surprise you, but video content is one of the most overlooked components in most businesses. But, when your videos are not of high quality, your brand and your sales will suffer. Creating professionally-crafted videos for your brand requires video editing services.
We offer video editing service to edit your footage and create a unique video for each client. Whether you need some raw clips edited, text overlays and effects applied, or animations added, our video editors are available to help.

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    Videos are the future. Indispro will convert your raw footage into stunning videos. Increase your audience, create memorable experiences or create new content.

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    Video Editing Service Details

    Promo Videos

    A promotional video is a short video that demonstrates the benefits a company, product, or service can provide to customers. Most promo videos are produced to increase sales and brand awareness.

    There are several promotional videos, such as explainer videos, testimonial videos, and animated videos. Different types have different purposes and use. For example, an explainer video can provide information about a new product. Testimonial videos can increase trust in the minds of potential customers. Animated videos can do wonders for conveying a message in a fun and creative manner.

    The best promotional videos are informative yet engaging and entertaining. Promo Videos help people understand the benefits of your products and services while also keeping them interested in what you have to offer.

    Intro & Outro Videos

    You might already know that Intro & Outro Videos are crucial to any video production, but did you know they also play a vital role in your overall marketing strategy?
    An intro or outro video is a short introduction or conclusion to your main video. Intro and outro videos are often included at the beginning or end of your video to give viewers a quick overview of what they will see in the rest of the video.
    They can help set up the context for your video content by introducing your company, product, or services.

    Logo Reveal Videos

    A logo reveal is an excellent way for your company or brand to get attention. These events can also be an excellent medium for promoting your new business. A logo reveal video is a short video that shows your logo being revealed over time. The idea behind it is to show off your logo fun and exciting way. You can upload these videos on various platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    Presentation Videos

    Presentation videos are an excellent way to share information with clients or potential customers. As well as promoting your brand, showing off your services, or educating your audience, they can also educate.
    The frequency of when you should create new presentation videos depends on the type of business you have. Some companies may need to update their website content more frequently than others. For example, if you’re an accounting firm that provides financial advice, creating new videos once per month might make sense. If you sell products online, you might want to make new videos every week. No worries, we’ll make winning presentations for you.

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    Have Any Questions?

    Please include your video footage, as well as your specific vision* and how you would like the edited video to appear. It is sometimes necessary to create an editing script with specifics on where elements such as text and graphics need to appear.

    It’s up to you how you want! Choose a service that is convenient for you, whether WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

    The following three steps will guide you.

    step 1: Add your videos to a separate Google drive.

    step 2: Add a  Doc file of your instructions. 

    That’s it…

    Our system will email you a download link to your video once our editor has completed editing your video. If you’d like any revisions, you can use a timestamping comment system.

    Here is the process. Our editors will edit your video in 16:9. You can approve the video, and we will publish it on the other two social media channels of your choice.

    Sure; using the same content across a variety of social media platforms is a common practice, and I can provide you with different files optimized for different platforms.

    Although 4K won’t make a huge difference to how successful your YouTube video is, it’s nice to have and means more viewers will be able to view your videos in better quality. There is one drawback to using 4k, and that is the larger file sizes.

    I do both! I am only limited by how much work I currently have, so if you’re looking for a regular editor for ongoing work then be sure to send me a message to have a chat. I also love doing single projects for clients as well, so be sure to message me if you have a single project too!

    Our company does color grading, but this is the basic type. Your footage can be toned, white balance issues resolved, exposure issues resolved, etc. There will be no discussion of masking and more complicated grading.  In testimonials, our customers tell us that they love how we color grade their stuff!