Move/Transfer Your WordPress Website

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Are you switching your Web Host or moving to a new domain and don’t have any idea on how to transfer your website to new host or domain?

We’re here to transfer/migrate your site from one host to another without any down time. We have more than 3 years of experience and can transfer any site from one server to the other.

Service details:

  • From one host to another
  • Website cloning
  • From subdomain to root domain
  • Domain transfer to new registrar
  • Website Backup

Login details that we’ll need for website transfer:

  1. Login details of old hosting/server.
  2. Login details for new hosting/server.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

BDT 990/-

⏱️ 5 Hours Delivery

We will transfer your website from old hosting to new hosting with this package.

  • Website's file backup
  • Database backup
  • Migrate to new hosting
  • Update DNS & clear cookies

BDT 1800/-

⏱️ 8 Days Delivery

We will transfer your complete website (domain & hosting) from old to a new platform.

  • Website's file backup
  • Database backup
  • Domain transfer process
  • Migrate to new hosting
  • Update DNS & clear cookies


Have a question?

First of all, you have to send us your cPanel credentials for website transfer. Further if we need any information, we’ll ask you.

DNS updates usually take 5-15 minutes during website transfer. Sometimes it happens in 2 minutes. So let’s say, your site can have a maximum down of 10-15 minutes. Therefore, if you intend to transfer the domain, it can usually take up to 7 days.

Refunds are not available. Cause, we are confident that we can do it.